Reputation Management via Guerilla Marketing

What is reputation management and why do I need it?

Online reputation managers are like the modern day spin doctors.  Reputation management can take a blemish on your personal or business name that has become documented on the web, in particular search results, and wipe them from the eyeballs of potential persons interested in your name, company or other sensitive data.

When you go for job interviews, are up for promotion, launch a new business or look to expand an existing ones, or any reason someone may wish to search the web for information on you, they will see it gleaming on the first page of Google or Yahoo.

We are here to bury these things that you don’t want seen by others.  Your ‘oops’ moments can be neutralized.

By many methods from cease and desist orders, public cache removal tools and most importantly implementation of our SEO skills in order to push bad press about you in the search engines down off the first or second page and keep it that way.  In its place, we fill the engines with positive articles and reviews of your company or name. It’s a fact that most people only look at the first page of the search results.  By using our highly effective, time-tested methods of managing reputations we can control this for you, guaranteed.

What specific industries could use reputation management in a proactive way to simply re-enforce that they are a good company to deal with?

Hotels. The hospitality industry, in particular small to medium sized hotels rely on a healthy portion of their reservations to be made by people who’ve researched reviews of their hotels on the popular travel-hotel review sites.  We can, with careful timing and technique, enhance your reviews on the leading travel sites with 5 star ratings and maintain this virtually ensuring your hotel is seen as the gem you know it is.

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